C & D Byrd Enterprises, Inc.

C & D Byrd Enterprises, Inc. 


C & D Byrd Enterprises, Inc. was founded by Da Juana Byrd, Medium and Psychic, to assist others in furthering their metaphysical goals. It’s led by a dynamic officer with a vision (pun intended) for the future. (yeah boy, she’s a psychic and medium) Her guidance and experience has made C & D Byrd Enterprises, Inc. one of the most unusual and dynamic corporations anywhere . (I’d say)

Da Juana Byrd, President


Da Juana Byrd, President, is an internationally known Medium and Psychic in addition to an experienced business professional, metaphysical and spiritual teacher and author. She’s known around the world from her appearances on radio, television and print media along with her Internet presence since 1993.

C & D Byrd Enterprises, Inc. has served in business since 1991 and offers the highest quality in professional metaphysical services. Byrd Enterprises is customer oriented with growth based on repeat business and in the psychic world that’s really saying something. Involvement with many major corporations is based on quality, long-term relationships forged through trust. Da Juana has an ever-expanding view towards the future.

Daily Horoscopes.com

Da Juana has enormous respect for all things psychic since she came into this world with that metaphysical mission in mind. While reading her clients she decided to study astrology because she learned that astrology and horoscopes had meaning. Byrd has an ever growing community of followers for free daily horoscopes, astrological compatibility, zodiac signs and other pertinent information about astrology on her www.dailyhoroscopes.com.

Da Juana.com

On www.dajuana.com you’ll find everything including her yearly predictions, oracles (free psychic readings), her blog where she teaches in her own way about how to everything psychic or medium. Da Juana believes that everyone is psychic but not all use their abilities to the extent she does. Ghosts of all sorts from human to beloved animals surround her constantly and most often she’ll tell you about them even when you didn’t ask. This is because she feels that’s her mission. Visit her and find out how she does what she does and why. You’ll see why she’s the psychic’s psychic and medium.

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